PDR Training

Visit our website dedicated to training : www.formation-debosselage-sans-peinture.com

The high level of education ensures optimal realization of repairs. In order to constantly improve our standards, we use our training centre located at NANTES (dpt 44). The training center consists primarily of workstations practice (95%) ensuring the optimal preparation of our staff.

During your training will be provided:

  • The light
  • The Scoring Peak
  • The hollow microphones
  • The bosses
  • The Access
  • The hammer inertia

A detailed introduction to the expertise in the assessment of damage from hail will also be transmitted.

We will also give you advice on:

  • Presentation market
  • Approach to entrepreneurship
  • Choice of the legal structure
  • Council management
  • Canvassing specific clienteles and professional
  • Client monitoring
  • Your estimates and invoices

The technique in paintless (PDR) requires training and asked the technician great dexterity, precision and patience to repair small lumps or bumps most important. Our courses are organized for the purpose of simulating real-life situations and show you how problems can be solved.

Taming PDR technology is not easy. If that were the case, everybody would be able to do so. We believe that each student needs to receive personal attention to make the most of their training. As you can see, there is a huge opportunity to target a wide range of potential customers. Europe Débosselage will be equipped with all the tools and training they need to succeed.

If you choose to receive your training with Europe débosselage, one thing is certain, you will go home with the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed in running your own business! During your training you will be able to order your tools, in this case a rebate will be made.

Each session takes place over three weeks (3 x 5jours) or 120 hours at the centre:

  • A week at the training centre
  • A week of training at home
  • A week at the training centre
  • A week of training at home
  • A week at the training centre
  • A week of training at home

The cost of your training:

Rates: 5000 € HT per person or 6000 € TTC per person


  • Ready for tooling free during training

During your training you will have the opportunity to order your tools, in this case a discount will be made to you.

Schedule your training:

  • 30% when the contract is signed Reservation 1800 € TTC
  • 35% to first day of the session 2100 € TTC
  • 35% in the final stage 2100 € TTC

No training can be performed if the schedule has not been observed in detail.

These sessions will be conducted in our modern structure in NANTES. These courses are organized by specialized personnel in PDR These trainers have practical experience and a deep knowledge of the procedure in all fields in paintless. This knowledge is transmitted to the participants and enable them to acquire all the capabilities important to be able to move and use all the knowledge received at those sessions in their own context. All courses are conducted with a maximum of four participants per trainer. In this way we can ensure that everyone receives the maximum possible knowledge, ways to improve your skills quickly. We ensure that our training take place in a warm and friendly environment. The trainees exercise their practice on elements fixed to the wall and on vehicles in real conditions.

We remind you that for any project to establish firm débosselage without painting (PDR), the regulation imposes a degree or 3 years experience in the field of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (manager or employee). As a result of your training you will be able to become a partner EUROPE DEBOSSELAGE.

Next sessions

The dates for our next training start from February 2021 :
Session 1 :
Monday, 01 February 2021 (week 05/07/09)
Session 2 :
Monday, 15 March 2021 (week 11/13/15)
Session 3 :
Monday, 19 April 2021 (week 16/18/20)